Empower is a small, Portland, Oregon based, LGBTQ+, women-owned and operated business. The company launched in 2013 with the original formula for the CBD-Infused Topical Oil dating back to 2004. Founder and CEO Trista Okel originally began formulating topical products to assist her mother in coping with severe arthritis and through Empower, has continued her mission to provide products that improve the lives of people throughout the United States.



  • Empower was born from a desire to ease discomfort with natural, plant-based products.
  • THC-Free CBD products are found to be more approachable by people who are new to
    or overcoming social stigmas associated with Cannabis/hemp.
  • Pioneering the industry. Empower has been making CBD infused topical products for six
    years and set many of today’s standards long before most other CBD companies existed.

Quality Ingredients

  • Non GMO and Vegan-friendly. Free of sulfates, phthalates, PEG, formaldehyde, PG,
    mineral oil, parabens, and synthetic scents; thoughtfully sourced.
  • Organic ingredients are used whenever possible.
  • CBD derived from sustainable, sungrown USDA Certified Organic Hemp by the premier
    hemp farm in Oregon, East Fork Cultivars.


  • Every batch of product is 3rd party lab-tested through random lab sampling for potency,
    pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, microbiological activity, and homogeneity.
  • QR codes on every product link directly to the Empower website and batch-specific
  • A strong partnership with Columbia Foods Labs/Pixis Labs, which has been testing food
    and cosmetics for over 20 years, ensures test results are accurate and reliable.

Effective Products

  • FDA compliant testimonials on the Empower website speak to the efficacy of the
  • All ingredients are specifically chosen for their therapeutic properties, work synergistically
    together, and their ability to support the overall goal of each product.
  • Empower products have more CBD by volume than many other options available on the
    shelf; consumers can use smaller amounts of Empower products to achieve the same
    results with larger amounts of other CBD products.

Company Integrity

  • Conservative expiration dates and strict QA practices guarantee the consumer always
    receives a product that is fresh and top quality.
  • Full FDA compliance on every product and piece of marketing material.
  • Partnerships with nonprofits such as Breast Friends, Outside the Frame, and Fearless
    highlight Empower’s commitment to the community and improving the quality of life for as
    many people as possible.